Our story


Established in 1983

In the early 80’s my father had the fortitude to purchase what is now River Rock Ranch, against his wife’s good judgment, against the advice from his banker, my father, Bob, put together a deal to purchase our beloved ranch. He never let on to the heartache or stress he had all those years making it work, he just always did, always was, and never ever complained... 

I was the youngest of three girls who became chief in charge to make sure my dad was never alone, being bribed on a weekly basis to help with cattle, & set at the auction for hours on end, (no lunch either ). I became my fathers son, which turned out to be some of the best memories of my life.. My father was my very best friend,, My Dad passed away in 2006, after losing him I met my new very best friend LeRoy. We have had a goal to turn the ranch into a place for people to enjoy its beauty, peace, and scenery. We currently run about 100 head of cattle and enjoy 4 generations of family at the ranch. We hosted a wedding a while back and had such a great response that we began thinking about having an events venue. 

My mom Sharon, became very ill a few years back and I knew her time was coming, I asked my son Elliot (who lives in Portland with his beautiful wife Kayla) to build a Gazebo for his Gramma’s Celebration of Life, which promptly became known as the ‘Damn Loafn Shed’… He of course said he would, and away we went. My sons Blayne and Blake (Blayne is married to Kelcie, I totally lucked out with amazing daughters), help on a daily/weekly basis. I also have a totally amazing daughter, who you will meet later, MARY LOU! That is our third generation. I also have been blessed beyond belief with two of the most beautiful grand babies a person could ever imagine, Liam and Quinn, (fourth generation) you’ll meet them later as well. 

That is the story of how we all became a family, I hope you will enjoy pictures of what we do and share our life with yours. We truly have been deeply blessed by GOD with an amazing place to grow up, live, and raise families.

Paula and LeRoy